I started this business 9 years ago in hopes of giving clients an enjoyable experience that was neither stressful nor rushed, and which would provide them with beautiful portraits that captured who they really were, not just a cheesy smile.  A lot has changed over the years, but my mission remains the same.

You need not worry if your newborn is fussy or your two year old would rather climb a tree than have his picture taken in the “perfect” spot, if your high school senior would rather do just about anything than have portraits taken or if she wants to bring ten outfits and her dog because she’s so excited.  I love a good challenge and find it rewarding when I finally get that natural smile out of a dad or can see a senior take a deep breath and relax, realizing they don’t really have to be nervous about me getting who they are.  I don’t expect kids to be perfect angels and I promise I won’t make you sit in awkward poses with fake smiles glued to your faces.  I prefer outdoor sessions, but if you have babies or are worried about the weather I have a studio as well.

Want to know a little more about me?  I like to read and knit and I love working in my vegetable garden.  One day I hope to actually eat from my garden, but that will require somehow outsmarting the critters that beat me to it, and that just hasn’t happened yet.  I like the simple, the natural, the organic.  And the Starbucks.  Definitely Starbucks.  I have three kids who light up my life and a husband who can still make me laugh and my heart skip a beat.  And a dog.  A dog who eats dirt, which I can’t seem to put a positive spin on as a sign of great intelligence.  Being dopey makes you no less loveable, luckily for him.

I am going to do my best to blog more so that you can get a better feeling for who I am and what I am creating week to week.  No promises though, since I seem to enjoy proving over and over that I am the world’s worst blogger.  Yes, I’m seriously THAT bad.  There have been years between posts in the past.  Just look at the dates if you don’t believe me.

Have a little look around and get in touch!  I would love to work with you!


P.S.  Do you ever write something and apologize in your head to your high school English teacher?  Or is it just me?  Anyway, I said “I’m sorry Mr. Santee!” with a little cringe several times while writing this section.  I’m sure I’ll do it a thousand times while writing blog entries as well.  When I do blog I prefer to write what I am thinking, how I am thinking it, because to write everything perfect and proper doesn’t sound like me.  I prefer to keep it real.  Hopefully he never reads this because I am quite certain it will make his red pen hand twitch. :)<– Ooh!  Another cringe.  They didn’t have smileys when I was in school (there’s the old card getting played-eek!), but I bet they drive him crazy too.  Be warned.  I use them.  A lot.  Sorry if they bug you.  But until I am cool enough to use hashtags, I have to have something. ;);)

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