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Brothers | Southern Maryland Children’s Photography

Just a little looksie for mom and dad while I am waiting for their proofs to come in.  They only wanted photographs of the boys together, but I found these two individual shots and couldn’t even entertain the thought of deleting them.  (Let’s just call them little bonus “gifts.” ;))  These two guys were just too cute for words! 




Thanks so much for bringing them!  I’ll be in touch as soon as your order is in!

Alison - September 3, 2009 - 3:32 pm

Heyyyy, I know those two guys! Too cute!

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A Senior Guy…Finally!! | Calvert County Senior Portraits

This is my first senior guy from the class of 2010.  The girls’ sessions begin in June because they are so excited about their senior portraits, but I usually don’t see the guys until school is about to start.  I really enjoyed meeting this senior and his family.  I love the way his portraits came out.  Even if he wouldn’t jump into the pool for me…. ;) 




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A From Home To Heroes Session | Military Family Photographs

I didn’t get a chance to blog about this session before, but wanted to get it up before I forgot.  Earlier in the summer I was contacted by a wonderful client who nominated her cousin’s family for one of my “From Home To Heroes” sessions.  Her cousin is currently serving in Afghanistan and she knew he would love to have some special photos of his wife and two sons.  I jump at the chance to do these sessions whenever I can.  We owe our military families so much for their sacrifices.  This is one of the ways I use to say thank you. 

“Waiting for Daddy”


Taking care of Mom…


Keep this amazing family in your thoughts and prayers.  I can’t wait to hear that their Marine is home safe and sound!

Remember, I offer complimentary portraits sessions to families with a parent currently serving overseas or about to be deployed.  If you would like more information, or would like to nominate a family, please email me at alicia@baybreezephoto.com  and put “From Home To Heroes” in the subject line.

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She’s Got the Look | Charles County Senior Portraits

This beautiful gal’s big sister was the first senior I photographed.  Ever!  I was thrilled to be able to do her senior portraits as well, and even more thrilled when I saw the cute outfits she’d selected for her session.  The umbrella is mine.  My daughter picked it out when we got stuck in a store during a downpour one day.  It is HUGE and so bright that we definitely do not blend in to the crowd when we carry it.  The nice part is that it is big enough to keep me dry as well as all the kids.  Personally I was thrilled to death when this senior wanted to use it during her session.  I hope she is as excited about the resulting shots as I am…




Your gallery is almost ready!  Your photos have been so much fun I’ve been playing a little longer than I should! :)

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Monday Madness! | Southern Maryland Photographer

I’m cross eyed from proofing and uploading right now, so I thought I’d take a quick break and post a fun giveaway here on the new blog. I discovered that this blog allows me to add a “subscribe” button which (if you click and provide your email address) will send you an email everytime I make a new post. Whoa! Crazy, huh?!? (Go ahead and have a laugh. I am well aware of the fact that I am a complete technology idiot when figuring out little things like this on my own gives me the biggest kicks). Anyway, I am getting off track here. Giveaway. Yes. So click on the “subscribe” button up there and subscribe to the blog and you will receive a $25 print credit to be applied to your next session. Easy peasy! I will be posting specials and giveaways here often, so subscribing will keep you from missing out! Happy Monday!

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